Deadliest US tornado

It’s really hard to get an idea of deadliest US tornado, living in California, but we all sympathize, looking at the pictures of what is left after the tornadoes in Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. The year of 2011 is called the 5th deadliest tornado in US History and the deadliest in 75 years. Tornadoes are formed when two weather fronts of different temperatures create wind sheer. And because of the global worming we see this difference in weather and more tornadoes are formed.

The worth thing is that this is not the end of the tornado season and people are waiting for more. So far 452 people died already and no one knows how strong the other once will be. President Obama called it National Tragedy, and I agree. So many people died, but it’s nature and there is nothing people can do to stop it. In areas where the tornadoes hit, many people live in mobile homes, and during the tornado everything was tossed in the air, cars, mobile homes and even people.

I really like the story about the hero, who was the manager at pizza shop. When the tornado approach, Christopher Lucas, close more than a dozen people in the freezer, but the door didn’t close from the inside, only from the outside, so he found the rope and kept the door closed as long as he could, until the tornado pulled him away. The hero, father of two died, but saved people from death.

Another story was about the pregnant mother of three, who cowered in bathtub with her children. When the storm passed, her 15-month-old son was dead, Hamil and her five-year-old daughter were in serious condition and her three-year-old son was gone.

Nature is stronger than we are and it reminds us of it pretty often for the last few years, we need to be strong and friendly to be safe and happy.

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New Car

I just got a new car, Hyundai Tucson, and decided to write little bit about the brand, cars, and people’s reviews on them.

As everyone knows, Hyundai used to make bad cars, and no one wanted to buy them, really, because some time ago, may be 5-10 years ago they were breaking every other month so people didn’t want to keep them for a long time. Hyundai is a Korean brand, whose name was used for many deferent things, but the most known is Hyundai Motor Company. Those 5-10 years ago Korean brands weren’t so good, even the refrigerators were bad but now days Korean brand refrigerators are the most wanted ones and even go as luxury brands.

So, looking at the Korean brands growing, we decided to get Hyundai. When we came to the dealership, there were many different cars, I wanted them all, because I like round cars, not the square ones, and all new Hyundai cars are round, and just the way I like them. After signing the lease, the car wasn’t ready to be taken because the shipment came the day before we came. We had to wait until the next day to pick it up, but they gave a car until that time, which was Hyundai Sonata, a sedan. I never had a sedan before, all my cars were SUVs, but I had no choice. That car is awesome, I really liked it, it was very comfortable and drove smooth.

People have different opinions about Hyundai Tucson, and here are some reviews that people wrote on yahoo. “I’ve had my Tucson for just over a month now and am mostly happy with it. Rides well and the gas mileage seems to be what was advertised,” says one of the Tucson owners, and I absolutely agree with the. But there are bed reviews too, and I don’t want to show this car as the best one ever made, because every car has it’s own negative things. “bought for so called fuel efficiency, hyundai should be sued for lying about fuel ratings, also speed sensor located behind each tire is openly exposed to elements and debree, when cut -ABS,traction control and down hill incline become in operable.”

I love my new car and will recommend it to all my friends, in my opinion it’s better than Toyota even. It’s your choice what to buy if you are looking for a new car, but have in mind that Hyundai may be a very good choice!

This is how my car looks, and even the color is the same. U+21D3.svg

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14-year-old killer

In 1998 a 13-year-old Zong Vang was killed. Four teenagers were involved, but only two of them were related to the death of Vang. As the news report, Zong Vang was riding his bicycle caring a bag with tomatoes, the teenagers stopped him, took the bag, threw it on the ground. Zong started running away from them and two of the guys started chasing him to the hospital. They ran to the very top, where the guys attacked Vang, they punched him and swung Vang back-and-forth over the ramp’s wall before letting go. Zong Vang died at the age 13 and was killed by two teenagers, one of them was 13 and the other one 14 at that time.

The court couldn’t get to the solution what to do with the killers because they were so young. Finally in 2011 they were given life sentence, both of them, but one with parole after 50 years, and the other one without parole. Omer Ninham, who will be in prison for the rest of his life, was raised in a family where he probably saw aggression all the time, of course, that’s the family problem and the family fault, but now there is nothing they can do, Omar killed the person, and parents who lost their child, will never see him again and never get a chance to hug him and say how much they love him.

I feel no pity for Omar. He should stay in prison forever and never get a chance to see how the life is. He took that chance from Vang and doesn’t deserve to be happier than Vang, even thought he will because he is alive unlike Vang.

The hardest thing that can happen to the parent is loose a child, and when there is another person, who is related to the death of the kid, nothing in life can be compared to that feeling of hate.

Omer Ninham 1

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Botox for a child?

The top story on is about a mom, Kerry Campbell, who injected her 8-year-old daughter with botox. Is it right that she is doing it? My answer is NO!

First I want to talk about Botox itself. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it, it’s not bad, but not as good to try it on kids. And of course, botox has side effects, as every drug, and every pill. We don’t know how our body is going to react to some food, may be we are allergic to something, same with medicine and botox. Some of the side effects are running nose, sweating, and weak muscles. How could a mother do anything like this to her child? We always look at our parents, as they are older and smarter than we are. But now I see, that it’s not always true. Before doing anything like this, Kerry had to read more about botox, and if she does it herself, it doesn’t mean her 8-year-old daughter will react the same. She could get allergy, or something worth and get to the hospital, Kerry is lucky that nothing like this happen, she wouldn’t react the same, and be as calm as she is.

During the interview, the little girl said that after botox her face looks “way better”. What does a 8-year child understand about botox and how her fact looks. Wrinkles? What? She is a child! She has other things to think about now. At 8-years-old, the max you are thinking about is some guy from your class looked at you, or said “hi”, but not like really care about wrinkles. That’s all mother’s fault. If she wasn’t tell her daughter that, she would never know.

I am not surprised that people on the internet are against this act, and even a doctor who does botox,  who makes money doing botox for others, said that it’s safe, but she would never do it to a child. People think it’s a crime. I don’t know, but I’m sure there is more information we don’t know about.

In the interview, we never hear about a father. So, I guess they live by themselves. That makes me think more about the topic “crime”, because than may be the mother is trying to abuse her child this way. I can’t imagine a mother injecting botox to a child, who can’t make her own decisions at this age. It’s all mother!

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Fast 5

I took my boyfriend for an “awesome date” at the universal studios to celebrate our 2 year anniversary. It was great, the valet parking, the restaurant and the movie. Every little thing was organized and fine. The movie, that’s what I want to talk about. I personally didn’t want to go to the movie Fast 5, I thought it’s a movie for guys and it’s not going to be interesting for me. People, I was wrong!

I had to go see it, because it was a surprise for my boyfriend and I wanted to impress him with something he really loves. He watched all the movies, Fast and Furious starting from the very first movie, when the last one was released, he talked about it all the time, and when he invited me to go, I already knew that we are going to an awesome date and refused. He got mad, but yesterday it all went away.

Of course, everyone knows what that movie is about, even the name gives the hint. Cars, money and girls, but nothing sexual. The story was very interesting and I was holding my boyfriend’s hand so hard, only because I was scared for the main characters. Lots of talks after the movie ended too. My boyfriend told me everything about the characters, about all the location they used to choose for the movie setting. It is interesting to know, especially that some of the characters that were used in previous movies died, but came back in the next movie. I am pretty sure that the producers notes it, and there is definitely a purpose for what they do and who they bring into the movie.

I recommend this movie. It’s awesome, same as the date we had with my boyfriend. In the movie everything ended good, almost good, and I like it.

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Royal Wedding!!!

So many thing are going on in the world, but there is only one everyone is willing to talk about is the Royal Wedding. Even I was going to write about something else today, it would take me a long time to find something after pages and pages of news about Royal Wedding. There is million of photos and billions of people watching the same event.

There are many and many wedding every day, but there is nothing compared to this. The dresses, the hats, the shoes and all of it is a separate topic to talk about. I can’t even express in words everything I want to say, because it was beautiful! There were talks about Kate’s sister, who wore a white dress being the bride mate, there is a picture of  a big kiss, and a little girl closing her ears while Kate and William are kissing.

This will stay in history forever. There is no such news coming from other countries everyday. That’s why the whole world was watching the wedding. I didn’t wake up so early, but almost everywhere you could find videos and photos. America was getting ready to watch the wedding, I was very surprised that there are people who woke up early just to watch the wedding, even though it wasn’t anything related to United States. even a week before the wedding, all the radio station started to talk about it and getting people ready, by bringing news about the preparations.

I am sure we will hear more about this wedding for the next week, but then something else the news will start talking about, there is always something big in the world we need to hear about, to keep ourselves entertained. 

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Stop Salting Salty Foods!

I found an article in LA Times newspaper. It was published March 22, 2011 by Jeannine Stein. This article is in health section of the newspaper and it’s called “Before you reach for the salt shaker, watch these ‘Salt Shocker’ videos”

This article is about how much salt any person should consume and how much we really consume. There is a video we can watch on to get a better understanding of the text that is written in the article. Here is the link for website . In a normal day a person should only consume 2,300 milligrams of sodium, but older people, African Americans and those who have high blood pressure or chronic kidney disease should consume even less sodium per day. We don’t really pay attention to the amount of sodium in products we eat, we care more about sugar and fat, but salt is no better. Even cottage cheese that many people eat for breakfast contains little less than half of what we should consume per whole day. It contains approximately 900 milligrams, when we should only get 2300 milligrams, if not less.

The author of this article is not the only one who tells us to stop consuming this much salt, many articles and health TV programs talk about sodium, but we don’t listen, there are not too many people I know who will check for milligrams of Sodium on the product label. But Jeannine not only tells us that sodium is not very good in the amounts we consume it, but she gives us some recommendations on how to eat only the amount of sodium we need per day. For example, she says to try the food before we salt it, and I think we really should, even I salt before I try and my wife always gets angry, because she is the type of person who cares about everyone’s health.

After reading this article I had to reason to think that the author used her opinion, but real facts. She used the video that was produced by LA County Department of Public Health’s Renew; this gives me more trust to what I watch. And even the numbers, statistics, she was using, she sourced where she got them from, like the recommendation of how much sodium we should consume was given by the US Department of Agriculture and the Department of Health and Human Services. I trust everything that is taken from government organizations and if the author relies on the facts, I think it’s something we should think about.

I eat a lot of salty food, I salt everything, even the soups and I know they have a lot of salt already. My mom gets angry at me for doing it, so I try my best to consume less sodium, which includes not salting salty food.

Everyone should think little closer about foods we consume after reading this article, including me, I know that I consume more than I need to and I need to stop! This article helped me learn the limits and think before even buying the product. I never look at the sodium on the label, I may sometimes check for calories, but not sodium.

The author concludes by saying that it will take time for people to understand and learn to eat less sodium, on the normal basis, but we will get to that point and she gives some recommendations to reach the goal. And for me it’s a big deal to understand it and actually learn something. I will try my best to start consuming less sodium, because I am pretty sure I now consume more than I should.

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Shocking news! Twelve kids were shot in Brazil

On Thursday, April 7, 12 kids ranging in age from 12 to 15 were killed by 23 year old Wellington Oliveira. As witnesses say, Oliveira walked into the school with two revolvers, and yelled that he is going to kill everyone. Almost all the kids he shot were lined up next to the wall and he was shooting them one by one while they were begging him to stop. When the police arrived, one of the policeman shot him in the leg, after that Oliveria shot himself.

How crazy can the person be to do anything like this. After i read the article, I just can’t believe it. His relatives say that he couldn’t do anything like this, even thought he was in his own world, he was normal enough to be around people. How come he did it then, what clicked in his head that he decided to go and kill. He left a letter, from which was understood that he wanted to kill himself, why go and kill innocent children then?

The school was located in a small neighborhood where every one knew each other, and kids who were shot are all from that area, I don’t even want to imagine what’s going on there now. People are all in shock. Friday, April 8,

Brazil buries 12 school kids killed by gunman

Sounds terrible, emotions are overwhelming. Innocent kids were killed in such a terrible way, one by one, they were seeing their friend dying. Rivaldo Silva, school neighbor said “I’m certain he was sent straight to hell.” I agree with her. It’s not right to point at someone and say that they are wrong, but in this situation, there is no limit to all the anger that’s coming out. Poor parents, how did they feel? How do they feel now? No one can ever fake this feeling when parents are looses a child.

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Online Conversations, Scary

I’ve heard many stories when the police arrested some 40-50 year old men because he was offering sex to minors. Sounds strength, but we’ve heard stories like this. Looking through news today I found an article called “Craiglist killer”. I expected to read about some hacker who broke the code for the site and did something bad to it, but I had no idea that this article is about a medical student Philip Haynes Markoff who was committed of murder and two robberies of women he found on Craiglist, erotic services.

Markoff was a 22-year old student who attended the medical Boston University, was engaged to  McAllister, everything was good, normal life as other people have. But something in his life was missing, so he met women in Craiglist. No one knows why he needed to do this, why did he need to robe women.  May be because he wanted some money, or may be he was just crazy. No one will ever find out because he committed suicide while he was in jail. He died on August 15, and the day before this his wedding had to happened, but it never did and never will. Investigators are finding more videos, photos, and documents related to the crime.

I hope everyone reads this article and thinks five times before meeting with someone they don’t know. I’m sure there is lots of girls who has no idea where all of this can lead.

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Russian Women

Being born in Russia, article about gender discrimination in there, caught my attention. The article starts with the example of the woman who worked for a construction company in Russia, the day she got promoted, she told her boss that she is pregnant, not only she wasn’t given a promotion, but her salary was reduced, and now her salary is 1/3 of what she was earning. Many other women are complaining, that if woman is pregnant, or has kids, it’s almost impossible to find a job.

March 8, in Russia is a big holiday, International Women’s Day, almost all businesses are closed that day, and men are giving presents to women. But now some women are asked to work that day, and they have no power to say no. That day, the website made a survey for men and women if they are happy with their gender. “Only 5 percent of women in Russia consider life as a female gratifying.” This number sounds like nothing, because 91% of men said that they are happy being born male, and in addition they say that being female, wouldn’t make them any advantages.  Man earn more money than a woman, working at the same position. Not talking about government jobs and positions, almost no women are working on those. Russian government only has 3 women in government positions.

And finally one of them, Tatiana Golikova, the MInister of Health, heard the situation of women and announced that the government will be working on Gender Equality Law in Russia. There was something like this in 2003, but the government quickly stopped everything related to the law.

Hopefully, this law will finally pass and this huge discrimination will stop. It’s ridicules to hear how men are different from women, and actually better and higher, which is not right. If people understand it, there can be something done.

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